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  • DK Beauty Salon

    March 02, 2015

    DK Beauty Salon

    2329 Beechwood Blvd




    DK Beauty Salon is a new business in the Pittsburgh area. They offer the Guinot Beaute Neuve treatment which utilizes fruit acid and vitamin C to eliminate dead cells and brighten the skin and the Liftosome treatment which is designed as more than a mere "lifting" treatment, the Liftosome Facial acts to redefine facial features. Liftosome’s double action smoothes and plumps the skin.

    At DK Beauty Salon you will be welcomed by warm and friendly staff.

    Spa Facts
    Our claim to fame is that we’re new and offering exclusive services.  The staff is consistent and friendly.  Not to mention “FREE PARKING!”  That’s unheard of in the city of Pittsburgh.  

    Drinks and/or Snacks: 

    We serve our clients water, tea, coffee & soft drinks.

    Robe and Slippers: 

    We offer our clients a robe with all services.

    Number of Treatments:

    European Facial, Beaute Neuve & Liftosome

    Years in Service: 2

    "I’ve used and worked with Guinot products for 10 years.  I wouldn’t even consider using any other skin care line.  It took 6 months to transfer my rundown salon into a beautiful salon & spa.  I introduced Guinot products in 2014." Kristine Mercurio, owner