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  • Guinot’s First Lip Balm Launching March 2013

Guinot’s First Lip Balm Launching March 2013

January 15, 2013

Lips are sensuous and alluring – unless they’re chapped.  Facing frigid wind outside and drying heat inside, lips suffer most this time of year. With much thinner skin, lips are naturally less protected than the rest of the face. Guinot’s new balm is the perfect solution, keeping kissers at their best.


Phytosterol-rich avocado extract protects the lip’s membrane against irritants while soothing the skin, and Vitamin F Glycerides’ essential fatty acids (omega-6 and omega-3) fight dryness and dehydration and reinforce the barrier between lips and the outside world.


The buttery texture provides instant relief. The nourishing shea butter soothes and softens. Pro-ceramides from sunflower oil regenerate the lip’s membrane by replenishing lipids in dry lips from the inside, and allantoin softens, smoothes, and repairs by stimulating and mending tissue. Vitamin E finishes the job by combating skin aging with its anti-free radical and antioxidant properties.


Lips are instantly smoother and more attractive, so pucker up!

To use

Apply evenly to lips using the bevelled tip. Re-apply as often as needed throughout the day.

*Insider Tip

This balm makes an excellent base for lipstick!