Crème Hydra Sensitive

Crème Hydra Sensitive

Provides immediate action to soothe and protect the skin. Redness and sensitivity will be minimized, and the skin will feel moisturized, supple and soft.

Skin Type:


Treatment Type:

Use Daily: Morning and Evening

Key Ingredients

  • Acticalm: soothes and helps protect the skin from external factors (temperature, pollution stress, hormones, smoking etc.). The skin’s barrier function is protected, and moisture is maintained. Redness is minimized and any discomfort is soothed. 
  • Camelina & Babasu Oils: help restore the hydrolipidic fi lm on the skin’s surface to strengthen its barrier function. The skin’s lipid balance is preserved by reducing dehydration resulting in soft, nourished, and soothed skin. 
  • Hydraprotect: reinforces the skin’s natural defence mechanisms. Dehydration is reduced therefore minimizing sensitivity. The skin will be soothed and less reactive.